The team responded to an initial request by McDonald’s in 2010 to develop a program to promote IPM practices, and to measure adoption, and made measurable progress increasing adoption. We’ve increased the number of growers participating to more than 500, and doubled the number of potato processors and potato product buyers involved. This is very important towards our goal of a single program for sustainable potato production – to reduce the burden on everyone in the supply chain by eliminating the duplication of effort that would be required if each buyer and processor had their own program that growers had to respond to.

The annual online grower practice survey addresses:

Sustainable Farming - Optimizing inputs and outputs including seed, pesticides, nutrients, yield and quality.
Social - Improving worker safety and positively impacting the community.
Economic - Ensuring long-term financial success for growers.
Environmental Protecting and improving the environment including soil, water and air resources, and biodiversity.

We incorporated additional best practices in our annual survey to address broader sustainability concerns, and have developed performance metrics for measuring water, nutrient and energy conservation, reuse and recycling, worker and pesticide safety, and greenhouse gas reduction. Finally, we’ve implemented an audit process so that buyers and consumers can be confident in the results we are communicating.

To view survey results, select the year below. Each survey response option is ranked on a 1-4 scale, from Basic to Master. The Index represents an average over all survey responses. Each bar in the chart represents the percentage of responses within each rank answered in the affirmative.

Sustainability Practices Implemented

Sustainability Levels





Overall Index

# Farms








In 2014, the PSI survey was expanded beyond Integrated Pest Management to include broader sustainability practices. These changes created a difference in scores from previous years.