Who We Are


“Participation in the Potato Sustainability Initiative is a systematic approach to demonstrate to our customers and consumers that the food we are producing is being done in a sustainable manner.”

-Vernon Campbell  (Mull Na Beinne Farms Ltd, Prince Edward Island, Canada)

PSI is a collaboration of growers, grower organizations, processors, buyers, the National Potato Council, the Canadian Horticultural Council and the IPM Institute of North America working to improve the sustainability of potato production.

More than 500 growers in the US and Canada currently participate along with six processors and two major buyers.

Governance Committee Members

Eric Ritchie (Committee Chair) - McCain Foods

Dan Moss - Moss Farms

Andy Diercks - Coloma Farms

Ed Schneider - Schneider Farms

Vernon Campbell - Mull Na Beinne Farms Ltd.

John Keeling - National Potato Council

Mike Wind - Windiana Farms Ltd.

Kristie Steffen - Cavendish Farms

John Shields - Basic American Foods

Daniel Robinson - JR Simplot

Richard Burres - Lamb-Weston

Tim Hensley - Heinz/Kraft/Ore-Ida

Advisory Committee Members

Nora Olsen - University of Idaho

Amanda Raster  - The Sustainability Consortium

Yefang Jiang - AgriFood Canada

Participating Buyers

Kendra Levine - McDonald's

Georgiann Miller - Sysco

IPM Institute Participants

Thomas Green, Ph.D. - President

Ida Yu - Project Coordinator

Food LogiQ Support

Wesley Ange - Customer Success Manager