Potato Sustainability Initiative: A Unique Collaboration

The Potato Sustainability Initiative is a partnership of growers, grower organizations, processors, potato product buyers, the National Potato Council, the Canadian Horticultural Council and the IPM Institute of North America, working to improve the sustainability of potato production.

Executive Director Wanted to Lead PSI

IPM Institute is seeking an Executive Director to ensure effective operation, continuous improvement and orderly expansion of the Potato Sustainability Initiative (PSI).

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PSI Has Joined The Sustainability Consortium

The Sustainability Consortium and PSI announced today that they will work together to align metrics for more than 500 potato growers and key processing, wholesale and retail partners.
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Grower Audits Underway in US and Canada

US and Canadian growers participating in PSI are undergoing audits currently to verify responses to the annual PSI survey. Twenty percent of the grower participant base is audited annually by third-party professional auditors.

Mike Wind explaining how his potato harvester works on his farm in Tabor, Alberta.

“By participating in PSI, we feel we are ahead of the curve in knowing what our customers are looking for when it comes to sustainability.”

- Mike Wind (Windiana Farms, Alberta, Canada)

For more information about PSI, please contact iyu@ipminsitute.org